Revamping a decade old brand to address a re-focused brand positioning.

To mark their 10 year anniversary, SPF Realty refocused their business model and refocused their energy equally on a younger consumer base alongside the traditional big-end property developers. This multi faceted approach since their inception in 2006 required major overhaul of the company’s brand position. The biggest part of the job? To achieve clarity about the brand perception and it’s future positioning.

I joined the marketing team as a Design strategist to lead the brand development team, working alongside the brand strategy and digital marketing teams. And after months of research, planning  and development we stripped the clutter gathered around the brand over the time and refocused on what the brand was founded upon in the first place Trust, Growth & Agility.


Brand Development, Design Strategy


SPF Realty Real Estate LLC – Dubai, UAE


A firm conceptual foundation is the strongest part of any brand.