A flexible and simple graphical user interface system that is easy to setup and can be used by everyone with the least bit of technical knowledge about gesture recognition.

GRIM was initialized as a final year Multimedia project by at the school of Science and Technology. GRIM is a novel interface for creating and recognizing hand gestures utilizing a 3D infrared sensor (PrimeSensor or Microsoft Kinect).

In the developed version of the project ‘GRIM’, The GUI structure comprised of two main components, the ‘Kinect gesture builder’ and the ‘Kinect gesture recognizer’. This simple breakdown of interface allowed users to easily understand the working structure of the system.


Design Strategy, User Interface Design, Project Research & A/B Testing


Interaction Design Centre – Middlesex University London

What We Delivered

As the project came to completion the two components (i.e. gesture Builder and Gestures Recognizer) and an unobtrusive interface blended together to deliver a gesture interface tool that is very simple to implement.

GRIM was based on an extensible design structure with good scope for future growth. The system would go on to extend the usefulness of the novel interface to a large number of complex applications, such as emmersive classrooms, tangible collaborations surface and an interactive wall project.

Some of these ideas were also developed at the deliverable stage to showcase the scope of this research and to make use of today’s technological advances to create idyllic collaborative learning environments within the institution where as the research papers were also featured in the library and literary meetings for future developments by other students:

App 1


‘JISC’ is an innovative study to create ‘information spaces’, where learners can discuss, edit and share their  work with peers and tutors in a tangible environment on a range of horizontal and vertical surfaces. The program was supported by Gesture Recognition Interface Mechanism as a tool to perform tasks of sharing, opening a file to edit, or highlighting notes on singular gesture command in real time..

App 2

Emersive Environment

A mix of multiple of these prototypes was also demonstrated to supervising faculty and peers. ‘Emersive’ which is a combination of softwares connected with peripheral devices to create a smart classroom using the applications GRIM: a gesture control interface, Noted.: a smart notes software and CLOUD.interactive: where the smart notes are saved and shared and viewed in real time over a intuitive cloud space.